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Build mobile learning and communications apps in minutes, digitize every link in the value chain and put your digital transformation on the fast track

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Boost Productivity, Quality and Safety

Go paperless with mobile workflows

Create mobile digital workflows

Say goodbye to paper and outdated training tools. Quickly create mobile-first workflows for digital work instructions, standard operating procedures, preventive maintenance tasks and inspections.

Automatically trigger actions

Trigger automated actions for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or CAPA tasks by connecting Yoho to your MES or ERP. Enable autonomous task management and stay in control.

Allocate and trigger actions
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Keep everyone on the same page

Forget about cluttered bulletin boards and sticky notes. Keep your teams on the same page and collaborate in real-time. With in-app messaging and task commenting your team stays focused and organized.

Collect real time data

Gather process data, operator feedback and machine readouts in real-time and measure performance across teams and individuals.

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Continuously improve people and processes

Continuously improve people and processes

Get access to thousand of new data points instantly and transform how work gets done. Get the insights you need to continuously improve people and processes.

Proven Results and ROI


Improvement in OEE


Reduction in Training Time


Reduction in Waste and Incidents


Less Paper

Are you ready to bring your frontline to the digital age?

Why Customers Love Us

Improve Productivity

Don’t rely on outdated work instructions, machine settings or troubleshooting guides that are often stored far away from a workstation. Enable operators to access the right information in seconds just by scanning a QR-code.

Be Fully Compliant with Audits

Save hours a week with reporting. With Yoho reporting becomes a breeze and it’s now easy to keep a detailed audit log of who did what, where and when. Thanks to our detailed analytics engine it’s now easier than ever to generate reports.

Reduce Downtime

Make sure your operators don’t make mistakes, but do it first-time right and have them work with visual one-point instructions to guide them through product change-overs, startups and shift hand-overs.

Reduce Training and Onboarding Time

Ensure everybody understands and follows your standard operating procedures and is fully compliant with the latest company guidelines and safety regulations. Train seasonal employees and hires with intuitive, step-by-step guides that place an emphasis on sticky visuals and learning retention.

Improve Product Quality and Avoid Incidents

Yoho helps you maintain product standards and reduce safety incidents to a minimum. Quickly notify your workforce when a new product is introduced and let them know when there’s an updated safety guideline at the push of a button.

Capture your Most Valuable Asset: Knowledge

What would happen if your best employees would leave or retire? Capture your most valuable asset and achieve the highest quality standard for your manufacturing operations.