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Build your own workflows and empower your team to collect consistent data, standardize operations, send reports, identify failed areas, and get problems resolved wherever they are.

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The all-in-one Platform that Replaces Spreadsheets

Fast, Mobile and Efficient

Forget about walkie talkies and the paper stack. With Yoho you never have to sift through old emails to find your operations, inspections and maintenance history.


Connect your MES or ERP

Automatically trigger CAPA tasks, standard operating procedures or checklists linked to a production order or machine error and enable fully autonomous task management.

Keep a Complete Audit Log

Save up to hours a week with reporting. With Yoho reporting becomes a breeze and it’s now easy to keep a detailed audit log of who did what, where and when.


Internal Communications

No more jumbled email threads, text messages, or undocumented phone calls. With in-app messaging and task commenting your team stays focused and organized.

Assets, Locations and Tags

Create as many assets, locations and tags as you need. Whether it’s for operations, inspections, maintenance or training – build the form you want to capture the data you want.

Get All Your Teams Together On One Platform

Achieve operational
Achieve operational excellence

Production & Operations

Digitize your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for operational tasks such as shift hand-overs, line startups, cleaning tasks, and lock-out/tag-out procedures. Benchmark team performance and quickly pinpoint areas for improvement.

Maintenance & Asset Tracking

Replace your spreadsheet based Continuous Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and make sure that equipment is functioning properly and safely. Empower your teams to become proactive and identify issues in real-time to avoid near-misses and workplace incidents.

Create a zero incidents culture
Deliver consistent product quality

Environment, Health & Safety

Use the same checklists, analyze the same reports and the same actions for all your EHS procedures. When everyone follows best practices, producing high quality products in a safe environment consistently is the new normal.

Internal Communications

It’s now easy to keep everyone on the same page with a factory feed, messaging functionality and notifications. Tag a team to share news with a specific shift or team and chat directly in private team groups.

 Streamline communications

Digitize Any Paper Procedure


Site and Product Inspections

Schedule inspections and complete checklists on-the-go. No more clipboards. Say goodbye to paper and manual data entry. For good.


5-S Checks

Organize workspaces and enable employees to perform their work efficiently, effectively, and safely. Standardize the nature of work, capture photos of your workspace and add comments.


Job Safety & Compliance

Keep your employees healthy, safe and happy by creating an open, proactive and engaging work environment. Forget about annual feedback sessions – gather feedback on the go.


Mobile and on-the-job Training

Enable your employees to learn on-the-job and create bite-sized learning. Give your employees the content they need when they need it. 


Precision Work Execution

Digitize your paper-based assembly processes and guide your employees with visual one-step instructions. Forget about the paper stack and create interactive rich-media mobile SOPs.

Proven Results and ROI


Improvement in OEE


Reduction in Training Time


Reduction in Waste and Incidents


Less Paper

Are you ready to bring your frontline to the digital age?

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