Factory doors are reopening after nations from Denmark to Germany began easing restrictions on public life, with Italy, France and Spain to follow. But it won’t be a sudden return to business as usual. Companies will have to implement social distancing and hygiene measures to keep workers safe, after the pandemic claimed more than 110,000 lives in the region.

The restart is crucial to pull the European economy out of a tailspin that’s forced governments to pledge hundreds of billions of euros to keep companies afloat. Measures of private-sector business activity plummeted to an all-time low in April, with record job cuts. Even in Germany, the nation that may weather the crisis best, business sentiment isn’t all that great.

But while shutting down factories is relatively easy, ramping them up again is more complicated because even small kinks in the supply chain can cause major disruptions. That’s why Yoho is offering its Connected Worker App for free for as long as it’s needed. Yoho comes pre-installed with fully compliant COVID checklists in all major languages.

By offering the app to all your employees for free, it’s now easy to keep a complete audit log that ensures you’re fully compliant with the latest social distancing and hygiene measures. As an example, with Yoho employees can easily check the latest factory updates and sign a daily COVID checklist on their own phone prior to starting their shift.

For help and to get your new account up and running contact us at hello@yohoapp.io or fill out the demo form here.

Yoho sends condolences to all those that may be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and to show our support, we provide an unlimited free trial to all new accounts.

Stay safe,
Team Yoho

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